Climate Justice – One Struggle, One fight!

Climate justice – behind this lies the longing for a different, solidary world community. One in which neither man nor nature are exploited and we distribute the wealth of our earth fairly. A future without climate catastrophe and without the patriarchal and colonial stink of the last centuries. „System change not climate change“ can therefore be read on so many signs of the FridaysForFuture strikes. What exactly is behind them and which visions are behind the demand „Climate Justice Now“, we want to discuss together with our guests Tonny Nowshin, Marinel Sumook, Hilda Flavia Nakabuye and Peter Donatus.

Marinel Sumook Ubaldo is a global youth activist from the Philippines. After she survived the super typhoon Haiyan 2013, she decided to become a climate activist. She is campaign coordinator for Ecological Justice at Living Laudato Si Philippines and one of the founders of the Youth Leaders Enviromental Action Federation. – Marinels Petition:…

Hilda Flavia Nakabuye is an environmental and climate justice activist. She co-founded FridaysForFuture Uganda and works for gender justice and anti-racism in the climate movement.

Tonny Nowshin is an economist and Degrowth & climate justice activist. Currently she is organizing a campaign to save the Sunderbans in Bangladesh. – Tonny’s petition:

Peter Donatus is a freelance journalist, human rights activist and environmental activist. Currently he is also the chairman of Pay Day Africa International. – Peter’s petition:

This event was part of the public climate school in the winter semester 2020. The Public Climate School (PCS) 3.0 is an open university for all people who want to learn more about climate justice. We show how a timetable could look like that makes utopias and visions possible. Scientists* and experts* from a wide range of disciplines organize exciting lectures, discussions and workshops.

Gefördert durch ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL mit finanzieller Unterstützung des Ministeriums für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung und mit Mitteln des evangelischen Kirchlichen Entwicklungsdienstes. Gefördert von der Stiftung Umwelt und Entwicklung Nordrhein-Westfalen.

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